LIGHTFOOT GROUP, LLC provides neutral financial expert services via joint retention and court appointment as well as a wide variety of forensic accounting services. The firm also assists Trustees, Executors, Administrators and Beneficiaries in family business and inheritance disputes. Atlanta-based Lightfoot Group was founded by James “Jim” Hart. Jim is a forensic accountant and financial consultant with over thirty years of professional experience in accounting, forensic accounting, business valuation and client business disputes. He has been serving as a court-appointed receiver, special master, monitor and auditor since 1996.


In place of dueling financial experts, court appointed or jointly retained neutral financial experts allow parties and counsel to focus on specific contested financial issues.  The flexibility of this process typically shortens discovery, lowers costs & contentiousness and emphasizes real issues, while promoting confidentiality, resolution & settlement.



Lightfoot Group has experience as an expert, consulting expert or consultant in matters involving fraud, kick-back and Ponzi-schemes, bankruptcy & insolvency, criminal defense, asset impairment, business valuation, breaches of contract and fiduciary duty, business damages, business interruption and property losses, lost profits and wages, qui tam and other areas.  CPA-Web-CFF_center_1c


Lightfoot Group provides unique trouble- shooting services to TRUSTEES, EXECUTORS and ADMINISTRATORS in situations involving severe family business and/or beneficiary/ inheritance disputes, litigation & disputes with third-parties, asset and company sales, debt and judgment collection, and crisis and short-term interim management.  

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